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Create permission setting for Association Card visibility independent of object visibility

Request: Add the ability to grant users permission to see association cards on an object record even if they do not have the ability to view the full associated object.



When my company first launched HubSpot 5 years ago, I could set up users with permissions to view/edit Deals they owned, but not to be able to view or edit Deals other users owned (this is still a feature).


However, Deal association cards for all associated Deals still appeared on the right side bar for a Company or Contact regardless of a user's view/edit permissions. All users, therefore, could see that a Deal existed, but they could only click into the Deal and view the full details of the Deal if they were an owner/collaborator on the Deal. Some users in the community found that this feature presented a security concern. However, my company benefitted from this behavior because we could choose to display limited information about a Deal on the Deal card without allowing full access to Deal details.


Some time in the last few months this functionality changed so that a user can only see Deal cards if the user has permissions to view the Deal. Now my users don't know that a Deal exists on a company unless they are an owner/collaborator because an association card's visibility to the user is now tied to the object's visibility to the user.

One workaround is to display the Number of Associated Deals, Number of Open Deals, and Number of Won Deals properties on the  Company or Contact left sidebar, but this is only marginally helpful. It still does not allow users to see critical Deal information such as who owns the Deal, the type of Deal, and the Deal stage (all properties that we display on Deal cards).

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Hi @rbharris1 

That's a brilliant suggestion - more flexibility in controlling association card visibility is a fantastic idea!


Humashankar VJ
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