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I work as part of a two-person sales team with a high volume of sales.  Some days it’s all email or phone calls others (like today) it is non-stop walk-in customers.  By the time we sit down to get to our email there are just a ton to get through.  I have used other systems that allow you to send an email to an address associated with a “new deal” and it will send that info to said new deal.  Much like the incoming and outgoing BCC addresses in HubSpot already but those seem to go to the contacts page where I cannot do anything with them. So this is a two part suggestion:


  1. Create an email path with email address that automatically creates a new deal.  The other system I used you would click on the column of your sales pipeline and each had an address, so you could place it anywhere you needed to in the line.
  2. Add a “create deal” “action” from an email or note on the contact or company page.  I’ve got the notes already in there and the copy and paste shuffle gets to be a bit much. 


I’ve been unable to get the integrations to work but I don’t see that as being to big of an issue since I assume these incoming emails will go to the associated contact anyway.  I use my new deal sections as my to do list for the day and it has saved tons of time digging though emails, creating other check/to do lists and has actually saved us quite a few sales we would have otherwise missed.  Automatically being able to create a deal would be fantastic.  Even if you have to go in and manually enter some of the information it would be better than starting from scratch each time.   Every email does not need to become a deal, so it would be great to forward the ones that do into the HubSpot world. 




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Love this idea. Would help automate a lot of things.

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Bump. Great idea! I was just looking for exactly the same function.

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Yes! This is exactly what I was looking for. We're a small team and we too don't have time for lots of manual data entry. Hubspot is already saving us time by creating a contact automatically when we send an email from Outlook. If we could create a new deal from the email integration, it would be amazing.