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Create new conversation on open status when a reply is received on a closed ticket



I would like to avoid customers contacting us back simply by replying to the same ticket/conversation if the issue we need to fix is a different one.


Right now we have a workflow which will move to closed all tickets/conversation which do not get a reply back within 72 hours.


I would like to achieve the following: when someone wants to reply to an already closed ticket he can do that but I might miss the notification as the ticket status is set to close and I will not see the ticket or conversation in my inbox. 


We have an automated workflow that will send an email to the user explaining that the ticket is closed and he should open a new one to get assistance, but it is not really customer friendly.


Does this already exists or is there anyway to implement something linke this: if the customer replies to a closed ticket/conversation a new convesation/ticket will open and I will be able to see it on my inbox? 


This will help me to not miss communications with clients and it will avoid that customers open the same conversation/ticket over and over again for different issue.


Zendesk as an example offers this option

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Let's make this happen. We want more efficiency!



Hubspot, get this done! 


I support this idea


I can see in previous threads that this feature has been requested several times before. This will both help us in providing better customer service, as well as better and accurate metrics on our performance.


We highly recommend that this suggestion will be taken under consideration and added to Hubspot.