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Create multiple contacts from one form submission

When onboarding new clients, our company uses a HubSpot form to collect things like company name, company brand guidelines, ideal meeting times, and other items to help us set up our marketing engagement.


We would like to include a field for the person filling out the field (typically the primary decision maker within the company) to list any additional contacts at the company that

a) should be included on logistical communications (billing, etc) and

b) need to have a say in signing off on marketing materials


As of right now, these fields are free-text fields and we have to manually create contacts from form submissions. It would be great if the person filling out the form could list all other names and email addresses and check boxes next to the communication lines the additional contacts need to be a part of. Ideally, these contacts would get created and automatically tied to the company upon submission.

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We needs this too to automate transactional e-mails to multiple contacts off 1 form submission.  


We need this too. We're a community and people refer other people. So, we need a contact submission to be connected to both contacts - both the member and nominated member. 

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We would also like this function.  We're designing a custom referral program using Hubspot where a student enters friends a family names in order for them to receive a discount.  There are qualifications that must be met to earn the discount, so we are not using a 3rd party referral app. 


we need it too, as we have a referral process that requires a sales rep contact info and end customer. in addition, we need to see them related to each other although they will not have the same email domain/company 


+1 Our organization is also in need of this functionality.


I just created a workaround for this. You can either use accordions and have two forms on the same landing page, but that's not the best user experience. You can also create unique single-line text properties that contain the secondary contact's pertinent information (first name, last name, email, etc), and then write a workflow to create new contacts from these properties. I just tested this and it worked like a dream!


@HubLove would you be prepared to show the workflow you made that created a new contact from the second person's information? It would solve a problem I have! Thank you!


Hi Lankester,
Yes, On my form submission I created a second set of contact properties that you can see here below. 
Screen Shot 2021-10-11 at 9.48.54 AM.png

I then created a workflow that would create a new contact record (the trigger was the form completion). See below:
Screen Shot 2021-10-11 at 9.40.02 AM.pngScreen Shot 2021-10-11 at 9.53.44 AM.png
In the Create Contact record actions, I copied the property values of "Your first name" etc. to the new record. (see above).

I tested and all is working!

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@HubLove Great workflow! Thank you. I love that it won't create a new contact if there is already one with the email address. I have a question on this ... if it doesn't create a new contact - I want to notify someone that the suggestion is already there. Any creative idea to check to see if the workflow returns an error on the previous contact creation task and if so - send an email? I can't see if an IF/Then statement for Workflow error ... 

- Jocelyn


@jphilbrook we need the same function, but seemingly it is not available yet

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Hey Team, Hubspot Support here!
I am looking to gain some insights into this idea post "Create multiple contacts from one form submission and see if we have any workaround for it.
Customer is looking to be able to send a HubSpot form, or even a form via an integration that would allow the person filling out the form to submit Users from their company that should be created as contacts in HubSPot.
For example: I own a company and I have 100 employees, this company sends me a form to input how many users will be using their software with the goal of creating contacts in their database. I submit the form and enter the info for 10 users. Is there a way that HubSpot can create those 10 users or however many they enter as contacts in HubSPot from this one form submission?
I look forward to more insight into this!
Thank you in advance!

@aorigel Do you happen to have any updats for this yet?


We have a similar requirements. We embedd HubSpot forms on our website to create new company and contact records. We want to create multiple contact records from a single form. For each company we have several staff and non staff who are associated with the company. When new member register with us they complete a form that creates the company. We want to expand the data collection to include, for example, Director, Admin Officer, President, Treasurer, Auditor, Secretary, committee member.


Hi @HubLove, this is genius. One question - do you know if there is any way to send an automated email to the new contact that is created in the workflow from the new custom properties, or does this need to be done in a new workflow?


We are looking for this functionality as well!


As our customers would add anywhere between 4 and 50 of their colleagues as contacts, @HubLove's creative solution is not suitable for our use case. Any news on this Hubspot?

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This feature is required ASAP and it would really help us as customers to be able to fill in multiple companies at once.

Having to manually integrate this info in the form is not intuitive and wastes much of our time.


this is a must have need - would be great to see Hubspot provide this