Create multiple Ads for LinkedIn Campaigns




We run paid LinkedIn campaigns using LinkedIn's campaign manager. One of the most important things we do to maximise ROI is test thge copy and design of adverts during the campaign to find the highest converting copy/design.


Currently, you can only create a single Ad per campaign within HubSpot which means we therefore cannot use the HubSpot LinkedIn Ad tool as we would like. This is frustrating as being able to cenrtalise everything in HubSpot would make our workflow much easier and make it much easier to configure automations and workflows off the back of paid campaigns.


Are there any plans to address this?

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Definitely need to clone AD campaigns! I have 76 separate ads to run. Would need to have the ability to clone ADS to consider using Hubspot for AD creation.


Yes would make sense, if you want Hubspot to not only be the analysing tool for Ads but also the place to create campaigns / ads.