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Create meetings for other team members - assign meeting owner

When I create a meeting, it makes me the owner of the meeting. So if I create a meeting in hubspot it's always on my (integrated) calendar even if others on our team are invited. Sometimes I'm just creating the meeting and not actually going to the meeting.


I would like to be able to assign another team member as the meeting owner, and thus have the meeting on the other team member's calendar with them as the calendar entry owner.


Also, the list of invitees offered only includes those who are assocated with the conversation or ticket. The list of possible invitees should always offer team members. I may want to include someone who has not yet contributed to the 

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Really surprised this is not an option? Our SDRs create meetings for our Account Execs and need them to be created in the Account Execs calendar and be assigned to them. In reporting there are in theory two properties, "Activity Assigned To" and "Activity created by" which would allow us do the relevant reporting for different teams, but can't find how to do the "assignment"...


I would also like this functionality to be available 




I would also like to know whether this is an option in HubSpot? 


Thank you! 



Our team is also looking at doing this. Our phone reps often schedule meetings between our clients and our field reps and we are trying to figure out how we can have them create the meeting that links the two together and also have the features such as notifications. Does anyone have any suggestions on integrations that can help with this?


Our SDR teams need this feature as well, in order to report on both those booking and attending the meeting. As it is now, it's not possible to createa report of meetings a person or team ATTENDED, as opposed to created. 


Super important for us too. Our use case is that sometimes we need to change the owner of a meeting to someone else. We can change it and change the Zoom link in Google Calendar, but not in Hubspot. This is frustrating because we want to report on meetings performed by a certain rep.


I found a solution for this for those using Google Calendar. It's a little manual, but it works. If you change ownership of a meeting in Google Calendar, it will update in Hubspot!


If Rep A (let's say an SDR) needs to book meetings for Rep B (an AE): Rep A can book the meeting through a group/round robin calendar, etc. Then, in Google Calendar, Rep A can change the ownership of the meeting Rep B. Rep B will have to add their Zoom link if applicable.


Screen Shot 2020-12-16 at 1.36.23 PM.png


Note: In order for Rep A to make this change, Rep B will need to give them edit access to their calendar. In Google Calendar the setting is called "Make changes to events."


This is much needed. It makes little sense, that I cannot update the layout and other elements of existing meetings. That I have to be assigned as a bookable person on meeting to update does not in any way match how most work.


Basically, I cannot have my marketing assistant update confirmation page URL on a meeting without he is assigned as a bookable person.


Just to echo what others are saying, we have SDRs who book meetings on the AEs' Google calendars, which then creates the Meeting activity in HubSpot.


Ideally, we'd keep the "Activity Created By" property as the SDR so they get credit for booking the meeting but let the SDR change the "Acivity Assigned To" property to the AE.


Right now I'm not able to tell which AE an SDR booked a meeting for without asking the SDR. 


Reports show "Meeting Created by" and "Meeting ASsigned to", but with no option to actually change that assignment.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 


I want to echo this as well: Our SDR's book meetings for AE's all the time and we need to be able to see with a simple Hubspot Report in the dashboard how many meetings AE's are completing each week/month/quarter. Urgently need this feature. 


ditto, standard sales departmental requirement.


Many of our sales team have administrative assistants that make calls or schedule meetings on their behalf. So to get an accurate acount of each sales rep's activity, we need to export activity for both the sales rep and the admin and combine the totals. It also means in our reports showing team activity, the sales reps that use an admin seem to have lower activity than their colleagues that don't use an admin (because the rep with the admin's activity is divided across two people). It seems like an easy fix would be a workflow that allows "activity assigned to" to move activity from the admin to the sales rep.