Create list types for easier management

This is in addition to the ideas submitted here and here, with a further idea to improve the lists functionality overall.


Like the other posts listed above, I find it annoying to have to set the visible columns needed for the several different types of list myself and my team refer to daily.


I would like to go one step further and ask for the introduction of list types that are manageable in several different ways. Specific lists can be set to a certain type and inherit the settings for that type or be left as normal.



Desired list type settings would be:

  • You can set list viewing permission to teams and individuals.
    • For example, anyone can go into our HR department's list folder atm, which is not good for obvious reasons.
  • Permissions can be set to show all contacts within the list if needed, despite contact viewership permissions.
    • I need some users to see the whole list, not just their team's contacts or their own contacts. For example, an event's attendees
  • Default list columns can be set for the list type, which can also be set to the default for all users when viewing that list.
    • I think it's silly that each user has to go in and set the desired columns for that list. We all know they won't do it or will get confused with all the available fields to choose from.

A slightly less related part, we have 100s of lists and organising them into folders is a necessity. Give us the option to show the folder view by default instead of a giant list of...lists!



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I agree with all of the above, in particular the ability to save list columns based on type of list (fpor ease when creating new lists) and also saving the columns that are set ona  aprticular list at the time it was created.