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Create invoices and subscriptions without online payments

HubSpot only enables payment functionality for US companies. 


I would like to be able to create an order/invoice from a quote with manual payments.


Payments would be managed offline and acknowledged in HubSpot.


We are also missing the subscription functionality that would enable tracking of subscription start and end dates.

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YEs please


Yes! Payments doesn't make sense for us because we work with corporates (B2B) that don't use payment links. Now we can't use invoices because we cannot finalize our invoices (draft invoices are not legally permitted in The Netherlands.

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Not only that, but it is pointless to have this tool without a chance to use them because our country where the company is registered doesn't have a Stripe connection.

I tried several times to see what is going on with Croatia, and I even didn't get an answer.


We can't download the invoice because not finalizing the invoice by "Enroll in payments", but we are a B2B company that doesn't use online payments!! We just need to put our bank details on the invoice and the customer arrange a bank transfer. So it is very sad that I can't even use and download the invoice...It is not making any sense. Now means I can't use the invoice fucntion...