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Create formulas in custom reports (data blending)

We really need the ability to create formulas within the custom reporting tools.  


We would like to be able to create reports with conversion rates that are not available within the funnel reports.  For example, we would like to have a conversion percentage for count of deals entered move-in stage compared to total deals created in the last month - with filters such as deal type, location, marketing source etc.


Currently we have 2 separate reports to show us the results, and we have to manually create the conversion rates.


This is something free reporting tools such as Google Data Studio already provide with their "blend data" option.  You can create 2 scorecard totals - then select both numbers, right click and choose blend data.  This will then give you a percentage. 


This would make a massive difference for our reporting as we would like to break down conversion rates even further to drill down to what campaigns are working, what sales follow up processes are best etc.

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We have the same problem! It would really help to create custom reports with formulas. 


Any update about this idea? 


This would be an absolutely game changer. It would be super helpful for our organization to be able to create custom reports based on formulas. Measuring success of different sources and sales members by close rates, CPLs, etc. would be huge.


We are looking to create a very similar report and were told it is not possible. We want to create a report on our salesmen close rate. You would think this would be a main report HubSpot can run.