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Create folders within 'attachments' section to easier manage documentation.

I am wondering if there is a way to upload the 'attachments' on a contacts page to be in folders instead of just uploading into a bit of an unorganised mess.


If that makes sense. For example with recruitment purposes, if we could create a 'Compliance' folder within EACH contacts page in the attachments section where I could upload any right to work documentation, passport details, etc etc & then another such as a 'Contract' folder that we could keep all contractual documentation, your employee signed contracts, employee details & bank details and so on, together in an easy to find location without having to root through all uploads. 


I believe the attachment section could still automatically uplaod everything but then ideally i would like to be able to file these documents into easy access locations.

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We're trying to see how we can use Hubspot to have all our customer data in one place. This includes many documents, contracts, NDAs etc. The attachments section on a company page isn't enough to help us organise this and there don't seem to be any integrations for document management apps that could help us. Changing the attachments section to a file structure system with folders would be a great answer to our needs.


I agree with all of the above posts on this issue.   More specifically, enterprise deals often have various categories of documents shared back and forth, having the ability to organize will help Sales orgs that leverage HubSpot. 


I was just looking for this exact thing. Folders for attachments in the company and contacts records itself would be extremely helpful in organizing and locating specific documents. We have a large number of documents that various departments need to access when processing deals/sales and this would assist them in finding their required documents quickly and easily.


Was just looking into this and I agree that it would be great to organize the documents in the attachments section on the company record. Like you, we send a lot of NDA's, Sales Orders, etc. and I find the nature of the documents to be consistent. So being able to organize the attachments so we can find documents quickly and easily would save my team a lot of time. 

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Upvoting on behalf of a customer! Would be useful to have folders in the Attachments cards for grouping documents that users upload for instance, similar to how there can be folders under Sales > Documents


Agreed! We would like the ability to keep different types of attachments organized within folders in the company record (for example, all annual agreements, or all of the marketing collateral they share with us that we use to create their listing and go back and reference for PR pieces). The ability to attach a folder at once would also be helpful.


Agree, having folders within company attachment section is very useful.

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YES! Please add attachment folders!


We are also trying to find a way to keep several types of documents related to specific clients in one place.  PLEASE add folders in the attachment section soon!!


Hi, any way tho do this with an external app ? Such as Sharepoint or Onedrive ?


Folders would be an awesome addition


I agree with all the above responses; we have various documents we attach for our customers/prospects. Having folders would be the best thing ever! It's like a file cabinet of data and easier to find docs.

Thanks -Sheriza Baksh



Folders and the ability to organize attachments is a huge need for us. We have over 10 teams in HS ranging from sales to support and they all use attachments and they are all asking for the ability to organize them. 


Something has to be done HubSpot with your "attachments" feature.  It is completely not usable for a high growth company with many attachments (both manual and automatic).  I am surprised since the original request 2 years ago nothing has been added/resolved/implemented.  I strongly recommend you incorporate some sort of organization to your attachments feature.  Please do so before other vendors are considered as a CRM solution. 


We need the ability to attach documents.  When will this be implemented? Thank you.


So much yes!!!! Folders, Folders, Folders! ***crowd chanting***


Please implement this ASAP. Version control now is a nightmare. A feature that removes duplicates would also be useful as we often end up with many copies of the same file in the system.


PLEASE FOLDERS SOON! thank you so much!!!

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Hi all!


Lily here, the Product Manager for HubSpot’s record page.  Thank you for your feedback and upvotes!


We understand how important it is to easily find and access the items you need on the record page, and that the ability to organize your attachments could help ease friction. However, the list of improvements to the record page is long and this is a lower priority compared to some of the other things we're working on right now. 


We are always re-evaluating our top priorities, so please keep the upvotes and comments coming so we can track more use cases and relative importance. 





100%, folders for attachments would be awesome. Or maybe different attachment sections?