Create folders in Conversations Inbox to organize threads

Hi Team, just a quick suggestion here Smiley Happy It can get slightly messy when there are too many messages in our Conversations - Inbox Tool, it would be a great idea if we can create "folders" on the left pane and so we can drag and drop like email clients (like Gmail) and track put different messages in different folders!

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My team really needs this feature!

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This would help us out so much!  We have to many emails and with no folders to put the important ones in, it can get challenging!  

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Absolutely agree - labels & folders help us prioritize and work more efficiently.

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Agreed, this will help the team be more organized and they will not have to filter through all mails.

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Our team would grealty benefit from this!

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Please please please introduce this feature! Absolutely need this otherwise we'll have to revert back to just using Gmail Smiley Sad

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That's an absolutely needed feature! It gets pretty messy when you recieve so many emails and it becomes very difficult to organize and manage all that information without missing something

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Need this! 

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Would love to have this as well. It gets pretty confusing in the conversations inbox when any and all email sent from the CRM (a customer or deal) gets auto-logged in there... 


I would be amazing if there was a "sent" folder that these emails would be directed to, much like a traditional inbox... Or even if we could create a workflow automation to achieve this! 



Would love to see this implemented as well. Some type of sent folder so that incoming email isn't all mixed up with sent email!