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Create different view according the type of contact


AS Hubspot is used to record different contact (for example : client, prospect, candidate...), it will be useful to have different view according to this type of contact. 

This is the same about Deals. We can have different type of deal and we need to showcase different information according to our different deals. 


Now, we can define different view according to Hubspot's team. That is nice but not enough. It would be perfect to have the same feature according to one propertie, in our case the propertie is called "Type of contact". It's a dropdown select propertie. 


Thanks this new feature, we will increase the quality of our data and will be sure that relevant data are filled. 

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I agree! we have the same vision at my company. we currently have either a "buyer" or "seller" contact types but hubspot only allows one set of variables for all contact types. it would be amazing if we could haveit set up where depending what contact type it is, it would change the rest of the variables. that could really take our data management t the next level!


As we use HubSpot for to manage our client and our employees, this would be a VERY useful feature.  This would be game changing!



This would be extremely useful for us, as a training provider, we have people applying for courses and also apprenticeships. The information needed to quickly process these contacts is different and it would be great to have the view automatically change depending on contact type. 


The equivalent feature in Salesforce is Record Types, and not having that in Hubspot makes it a far inferior product. It forced a trade off of bad UX vs bad data. Please priotize this!


We have this exact same need / use case and will be increasingly important as we grow