Create default associations properties for each object to see when & what the association is

Currently there is no property to see the name of an association as well as the time/date they became associated. Users may contact Support to find out the time/date of an association. As well, users can only see the current associations and not a history of associations. Again, users may contact Support to find out this info.


I suggest creating read-only properties:

- Associated Contacts (as a company property and as a deal property)

- Associated Companies (as a contatc property and as a deal property)

- Associated Deals (as a contact proeprty and as a company property)


This way users can see in the app which objects are associated with other objects, when they became associated, and a history of any historical associations.


To be clear, there are already properties that are 'number field type' that tell us how many associations there are. I am suggesting to actually name & link to (if still existing) the object as a value in the property. Or at the least, the ID of the object...something that tells users which specific record(s) are currently and historically associated.



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