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Create bulk email preview in contact

We're beginning to use the bulk email tool to send promotional emails to our B2B customer base.  When viewing the campaign through a contact record, it allows you to click the email that was sent, but that takes you to the entire campaign page.  With a sales team of nearly 100 people through 20 offices, it opens up entirely too much info and access, so we have to turn that function off in the permissions.  Instead, it would be perfect if the contact record would only show the email that was sent instead of the page with all the performance metrics (same as the clickable preview in the upper left hand corner of the campaign page).  Is this something that is in the works or could be put into motion? 

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This would definitely makes things easier for myself and the team here to quickly view what was sent to our customer base as a quick referrence type view for ease of use and directing the conversations/sales pitch follow up.