Create and share task queues with other users

I created some queues for my tasks to organize the tasks.  Sometimes I need to pass a task to someone else to complete.  It would be great to have the ability to share queues, so shared tasks in a queue would already appear in the correct queue for the person who inherit the task.

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I agree, to be able to share a queue with othert users is really needed. 

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I agree with the rest. Very much needed in our team. 

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My 2cents: This is an essential feature for organizations that work with different layers of sales personell. As they can now eaily prioritize work that needs to be done ASAP and better comply with KPI's or any other form of analysis on performance. 

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Yes!!! Our team pretty much can't use task queues because they are being assigned tasks from other users, and the other users can't put those tasks in queues. We want the flexibility to do this for other users, and from workflows. 

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Yes please!

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Much-needed feature!!

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 This is maddening. I don't understand why this can't be enabled quickly. The task queue is such a nice feature, but they have it so extremely limited right now. they also need to add the ability to add to tasks queues through automation/workflows

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We need this too - urgently. 

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It would be really useful for Sales manager