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Create and share task queues with other users

I created some queues for my tasks to organize the tasks.  Sometimes I need to pass a task to someone else to complete.  It would be great to have the ability to share queues, so shared tasks in a queue would already appear in the correct queue for the person who inherit the task.

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This is an important tool we need.  Thanks for adding it to your dev stack!

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I was a bit supprised this feature didn't exist. As you create a task, you can assign the task and you can add it to the queue... but not a shared queue. This doesn't make sense.


When working on a campaign, shared queues are essential.

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This ABSOLUTELY needs to be added.  To successfully orchestrate outreach to a given account, you need to assign tasks that are visible to a multi-person team.

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Quite surprised there are no shared queues!

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Can't believe this isn't available

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Wait, something must be wrong here... If I'm creating a sales sequence for our BDRs, and it's automatically creating tasks for calls in a queue, how can multiple people use the same sequence? One gets a task and the other goes to the abyss?

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It would be great to share queues - or AT LEAST - be able to assign someone else a task and put it in their correct queue. It is extremely inefficient to have to log out and log in as them to assign them one task just to sign back in as me to continue working.


We should be able to help keep our team organized - especially since there is no way to prioritize mine or my team member's tasks.