Create and share task queues with other users

I created some queues for my tasks to organize the tasks.  Sometimes I need to pass a task to someone else to complete.  It would be great to have the ability to share queues, so shared tasks in a queue would already appear in the correct queue for the person who inherit the task.

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Create and share task queues with other usersHubSpot Product Team

@timwright @TommyG - this feature is currently under development. I will update the issue status to "In Beta" once the feature is available. Stay tuned. 

Create and share task queues with other usersHubSpot Product Team
changed to: In Planning

Hi HubSpot Community,


Scott from the product team here.  We are priotizing this work in the coming weeks have a prototype ready for feedback. If anyone would like to participate in our usability testing next week, please submit your name on the following form and we'll reach out to schedule a time with you:


Here's a sneak peak of the feature:




We'll use this time as an opportunity to chat through your use case and to walk you through our proposed solution. 


Thank you!


Create and share task queues with other usersHubSpot Product Team
changed to: In Planning

Create and share task queues with other usersHubSpot Product Team

Thanks for the feedback. This is something we do plan on working on in the near future. The development team needs to do some final planning but expect this functionally at some point in Q2 this year. 

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 This is maddening. I don't understand why this can't be enabled quickly. The task queue is such a nice feature, but they have it so extremely limited right now. they also need to add the ability to add to tasks queues through automation/workflows

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We need this too - urgently. 

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Totally agree with this suggestion. Was about to post a suggestion relating to this exactly. Hubspot admin, hope you can add this functionality - it will be very useful Smiley Happy Thank you.

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It would be really useful for Sales manager 

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Yes, please! I would actually like to see custom filtering, custom column views and customized Dashboard reporting for tasks. We are a national company, but we work in regional teams. The ability to filter Deals, Contacts and Companies and customize reports in Dashboards is very useful for us, especially since our each of our regions has very different needs.


But as it is now, HubSpot is not a one-stop solution to meet all of our marketing and sales needs because its task management, overview, filtering and reporting on Dashboards are just not as user-friendly, intuitive or informative as many of the other features available in HubSpot. In fact, in comparison, it's extremely limited. Our regional directors need to be able to capture a glimpse of everything on their team's plates without having to drill down into each individual on their team.  


I really hope this is a feature you guys will add soon.

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Hello community, 


I need to share my tasks queues with my mates to work on it, do you know if there is a possibility to do it, or is it still not possible ? Maybe after all of your messages they've changed it (hope is beautifull). 


Thanks !

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 Can not beleive we can't do this - as a team we all need access to same queue

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 100% in favor of this. It would be a big help for us.


Being able to see your teams workload at a glance is a vital tool for a manager as well as a supportive coworker.



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We would love to have the shared queue as well, it would help significantly with team task management

Thanks, T.

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How many more people have to ask for this before we get SOME status from HS Dev?? 


Perhaps if one of you have a renewal coming up - you can hold your salesperson over this and get some action??