Create and share task queues with other users


I created some queues for my tasks to organize the tasks.  Sometimes I need to pass a task to someone else to complete.  It would be great to have the ability to share queues, so shared tasks in a queue would already appear in the correct queue for the person who inherit the task.

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Great idea.  I would add that it would also be helpful to have shared access to a Queue.  As a manager, I could assign tasks to the team and then we could review the team Queue to review all tasks and the status of each.  

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Yep, let's make this happen! 


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Would love to assist with this testing! 

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Would defintely apprecaute this functionality.  We add a team as part of our workflow and would like to see this feature!

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Yes, THIS. ^^^^


I agree that, as a Sales Manager, I would like the ability to created Task Queues for the entire sales team (for things like weekly sales calling hours). Task Queues would need to show the owner in one of the columns. This would help sales managers make target lists for the sales team to reach out.

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it would be great if we were able to assign the task to a team, rather than an individual, and then members of that team either assign the task to themselves, or the task is assigned to each of them until one of them works on it.


I.e. ideally it be great to be of to manage the tasks between teams, and those teams have their own individual queues


you would then have tasks, assigned to a team, and to individuals / or tasks to be assigned


as above having visibility on whether the task been completed or would be great.



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Fully aggree - would be very useful

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Agree with @Mart that the ability to assign a task to a team would be great. To be able to view those tasks in a shared queue by all of the team members. Where tasks can then be allocated to individuals. Yet remain linked to the shared queue, for tracking of task status to completion.



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Can hubspot update where they are with building this feature? Really would add a lot of value for our team if we can get an overview of tasks per person

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@sjudson Any updates on this thread? Can I have access to the beta?

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Wow, 2 years later and no fix? Would be interested to see this happen..

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Hi I have seen a moc kup of this shared by the development team.  It looked great anbd worked well.  I haven't heard anything since so hoping it will be in a forthcoming release. 

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@timwright @TommyG - this feature is currently under development. I will update the issue status to "In Beta" once the feature is available. Stay tuned. 

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Need this ASAP - any update on when it will be in beta?

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This is a great idea. I'd be keen to know when this functionality is available. 

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Hubspot Team - Has there been any update here.  This is a huge priority for our team.

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We, also, would love to know when this will be available in Beta. Any updates?

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I'm very interested in this as well!  I'm suprised this doesn't exist yet honestly.  Expected release date was Q2 of 2019 when it first went into planning...

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We need this as well. @sjudson can you please provide an update on an anticipated release date?

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@sjudson Hi Scott, any updates on sharing task queues to everybody in the company 🙂


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