Create and share task queues with other users

I created some queues for my tasks to organize the tasks.  Sometimes I need to pass a task to someone else to complete.  It would be great to have the ability to share queues, so shared tasks in a queue would already appear in the correct queue for the person who inherit the task.

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This ABSOLUTELY needs to be added.  To successfully orchestrate outreach to a given account, you need to assign tasks that are visible to a multi-person team.

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Quite surprised there are no shared queues!

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When creating a task you would like to assign to someone else, it is currently not possible to select one of their existing queues. Apparently you can only select your own queues. Which doesn't make sense and is not taken into account when the task is actually created.  It would therefore be very convenient that the available relevant queues appear when selecting the effective assignee before creating the actual task.

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bump on the ability to assign task to a team...

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I need this function to effectively delegate tasks. Is there any other way to see tasks of either a team or selected individuals? 

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Can't believe this isn't available

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I would like to be able to assign tasks to a team so multiple people can see it and whoever is free, completes it.

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Would be very helpful for our office as well, as we are using tasks for Health checks and it would be great to be able to assign to the right owners Health check queue. Obviously would be used in other places too but this is where we intended to use it and found we couldn't.

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Wait, something must be wrong here... If I'm creating a sales sequence for our BDRs, and it's automatically creating tasks for calls in a queue, how can multiple people use the same sequence? One gets a task and the other goes to the abyss?

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This would be super helpful, especially when using workflows to automate the creation of tasks.

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i agree this is an important feature!

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It would be great to share queues - or AT LEAST - be able to assign someone else a task and put it in their correct queue. It is extremely inefficient to have to log out and log in as them to assign them one task just to sign back in as me to continue working.


We should be able to help keep our team organized - especially since there is no way to prioritize mine or my team member's tasks.

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This is a really annoying limitation, and I didn't even realise that other users couldn't see my task lists until I asked someone to add a task to a queue I'd created and they couldn't find it.


What I have done though as a workaround, is to create 'dummy' user accounts and named the 'user' what I need my task queue to be.


That way, it's possible to assign tasks to those 'users' who's name relate to the queue that you want to add the task to.

For example create a new user ( I used the '+' symbol in the email address to avoid having to create multiple new email accounts ) such as:
And then make the user,
first name: Daily
last name: Tasks

So instead of using actual queues, we use 'users' to assign the tasks to, and then we can filter the task list view by these 'users' in basically the same way that the task queues work.

hope this helps, until task queue sharing is allowed.

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Currently, only the owner of a task can alter the queue that it is in.  Therefore, a manager or admin must either ask the task owner to make the needed change, or the admin/manager must reassign the task(s) to himself first.  If you have altered your process, if you are training someone who has made a mistake, or if you are just working as a team and part of your process includes moving a task between queues, this is all impossible right now unless you are the owner.  


I highly recommend opening up this permission, at least to admins.  

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HubSpot Product Team

Hi HubSpot Community,


Scott from the product team here.  We are priotizing this work in the coming weeks have a prototype ready for feedback. If anyone would like to participate in our usability testing next week, please submit your name on the following form and we'll reach out to schedule a time with you:


Here's a sneak peak of the feature:




We'll use this time as an opportunity to chat through your use case and to walk you through our proposed solution. 


Thank you!


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I'd love to be able to filter tasks by teams. 


This seems like such a simple addition. Hope you'll support it soon!

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Any update on this? This kind of team filtering would be a simple, but huge improvement for tasks.

I hope to see this as soon as possible. 

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Yeh - people have been asking this since 2017! I suggest we send it round our teams and get a load of upvotes. 🤪

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This will be a great initiative and will be so helpful to boost efficiency. thanks 


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I'd also love to see the possibility to ASSIGN tasks to HS Teams rather than an individual, so that anyone within the team can claim and complete a task.