Create and share task queues with other users

I created some queues for my tasks to organize the tasks.  Sometimes I need to pass a task to someone else to complete.  It would be great to have the ability to share queues, so shared tasks in a queue would already appear in the correct queue for the person who inherit the task.

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Yes!!! Our team pretty much can't use task queues because they are being assigned tasks from other users, and the other users can't put those tasks in queues. We want the flexibility to do this for other users, and from workflows. 

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Yes please!

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Much-needed feature!!


It'd be really nice if we could have custom task queues that exit on every one at our companies Task dashboard (even better if it could be differentiated based on team)


This way, we could create one sequence that includes tasks, and make sure those tasks get placed in the right queue for each person. If we wanted to do that now we'd have to build seperate sequences for everyone. 

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Hubspot, please make this addition to the Task feature - it is very important for managers to follow up on the tasks they assign. Currently there is no way to see tasks I've assigned. 


I tried a workaround: If you could add all of the tasks you've assigned to a Task Queue called "Tasks Assigned by ME", you would be able to see these tasks quickly. However, Hubspot does not allow you to add tasks to a Task Queue AND assign them to someone else. As soon as you assign the task to someone else the Task Queue disappears. 


Hubspot, please fix this problem.  

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totally agree!

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Really need to see easily in the tasks feature who assigned the task(s): Just receiving a task and only knowing via email who assigned it seems really out of step with the rest of Hubspot. 

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Checking in the status of this feature after posting two weeks ago. Hubspot, this detracts from the user experience on your CRM. My current workarounds are as follows:


- After assigning a task to another user, create a new task (assign to yourself) to check on the original task (cumbersome because of extra work)


- Use a different task management system (cumbersome because additional activities have to be recorded in Hubspot - also because switching between programs and training users on another program are time-consuming)

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In addition to views, it would be beneficial to us if we could assign tasks to a team, instead of an individual.  These tasks would be viewed by the entire team and completed by whomever.