Create and print postal labels in HubSpot


Not sure if htere is a way or not, i couldn't figure it out, so if not, i am hoping that there is a way to create mailing labels easily from hubspot. i don't want to have to export to word, then use word mailing labels, i wish there was a way to just create 5160 avery labels from within hubspot, maybe where it creates a printable 'PDF' with the avery 5160 template size.

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Feb 28, 2020

Hi all - I do not have any updates on this idea. Please see our User Guide for details on expectations around idea implementation.


I did a Google search and found a third party integration that may be worth exploring:

Here are some other threads on the Community with workarounds that may be helpful:

Jan 13, 2020

Hey @bradytraeder! Unless an idea has been marked to In Planning, it likely isn't in the works. I don't have any particular insight into this idea. It's best to keep upvoting the ideas you would find most useful and watch for Status updates 🙂

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It is now July 2020, and still no solution.


Mailing labels are one of the most important things you have to do with a database. 





PS: We also need a multiple line address field. You can't just put an address in one line. You wouldn't be able to print a label.




This is precisely a feature that would suit us.
I see the idea was first raised in 2016, and the last update from HubSpot was Jan 2020, suggesting we upvote the idea.

Disappointing that HubSpot has not taken the initiative.