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Create and print postal labels in HubSpot

Not sure if htere is a way or not, i couldn't figure it out, so if not, i am hoping that there is a way to create mailing labels easily from hubspot. i don't want to have to export to word, then use word mailing labels, i wish there was a way to just create 5160 avery labels from within hubspot, maybe where it creates a printable 'PDF' with the avery 5160 template size.

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February 28, 2020 09:31 AM

Hi all - I do not have any updates on this idea. Please see our User Guide for details on expectations around idea implementation.


I did a Google search and found a third party integration that may be worth exploring:

Here are some other threads on the Community with workarounds that may be helpful:

January 13, 2020 01:24 PM

Hey @bradytraeder! Unless an idea has been marked to In Planning, it likely isn't in the works. I don't have any particular insight into this idea. It's best to keep upvoting the ideas you would find most useful and watch for Status updates 🙂

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It is now July 2020, and still no solution.


Mailing labels are one of the most important things you have to do with a database. 





PS: We also need a multiple line address field. You can't just put an address in one line. You wouldn't be able to print a label.




This is precisely a feature that would suit us.
I see the idea was first raised in 2016, and the last update from HubSpot was Jan 2020, suggesting we upvote the idea.

Disappointing that HubSpot has not taken the initiative.


Hi following up....


bumpy bump bum


We need this as well.


This is necessary for our business.  If it  HubSpot could connect to my Dymo LabelWriter 450 and 4XL life would be soooo much simplier.  I am sure you can figure this one out.

Hi, I do not think it can happen. I ended up exporting.

Even if this has to be done via an export to Word or another tool, can HubSpot provide some guidance/best practice approaches on how to do this please?


Having it a core product feature would enable many small and medium businesses to use HubSpot for both CRM and fulfillment. It's likely to raise it's market appeal and provide some differentiation.


This functionality is a need for companies who sometimes need to ship physical goods (e.g promotional items like pens) or those who want to run a physical mailiing campaign. Not everything is shipped in response to a sales order. 


Hey, looking for same answer is there a way we can print address labels or directly print addresses on envelopes ourselves?