Create and associate standard object from custom object record and vice versa


It would be great to have the ability to create and associate a custom object with a standard object in the creation screen.


Right now custom objects and standard objects can be associated together when defining a custom object - and if both objects are created separately we can associate them together.


But if you are looking to create a new deal or contact record, via a custom object (or vice versa) this is not possible. Instead you need to navigate to deals > create the deal > and then associate it to the custom object separately.

By comparison if you are creating a deal via a contact record, you can associate it to the contact/company object while creating it.





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Yes! Requested by Enterprise customer. 


Our company is going to have a big issue with this in regards to how our system works and how our employees work. We need to be able to create new contacts / deals / tickets (any object) straight from our custom objects. Without this we are needing to create all contacts, then the deals or tickets, and then go into each one of those to associate an custom object. It significantly increases the chance for errors and missed associations that are necessary for us to handle our job correctly.