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Create and Send Automated Emails For Blog Subscription Based On Tags

Having multiple tags for a blog allows subscribers and readers to find the topics they care about is fantastic.  HubSpot makes it easy to automate an email that is sent to the subscribers of that blog whenever a blog is published.  Currently, for every blog posted, the automated email template is the same.  No matter the topic. 


It would be awesome to have multiple automated emails that can be sent to the subscribers based on a tag.  I.e. if you publish webinars on a blog you might have a tag called "Webinars" and then also create blogs with sales tips called "Sales Tips."  It would be great to have an automated email template that you could have a different subject line and body content for the different tags.  One for Webinars and one for Sales Tips.  This would prevent HubSpot users from having to edit the email each time that a blog is posted.

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This is a great idea and very much needed for my brand, Carson!