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Create an Integration for Buffer

The social tools in HubSpot are ok - but Buffer is a much more powerful scheduler for all social sites. Why not allow integration with Buffer so HubSpot generated posts can be added to Buffer queues.

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Here are the buffer features that keep us using Buffer over HubSpot:


  1. Instagram scheduling (coming soon though!)
  2. Better per post analytics
  3. Per platform/account schedule (we optimize the time based on the best times for each platform and offer more or less slots depending on interaction/audience)
  4. 360 photos read correctly once posted
  5. Pinterest scheduling (we don't use it often, but we mass schedule posts to go to our boards for extended periods of time)
  6. Ability to pause the whole queue - when breaking news happens, it might not be the best time to post something already scheduled for various reasons before reviewing.
  7. Ability to replace feature images for links


Ideally, HubSpot can develop their social platform to be more comprehensive, but if not, offering integration would be second best.

HubSpot Product Team

Hi @Anonymous at this time an integration with Buffer is not currently planned, but the feature list above is incredibly helpful as we continue to develop HubSpot's Social Tools - thank you for sharing. This thread will remain open for comments from the Community and will be monitored by our teams. 

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Thanks @roisinkirby looking forward to having instagram roll out so we can test more of the social publishing tools soon!


We need an option to be able to schedule a re-tweet like Buffer offers!

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I'd like to add to the excellent list of Buffer features posted by @Anonymous -- and urge @roisinkirby and the HubSpot team to reconsider adding an idea for either a Buffer integration (or Hootsuite integration) as soon as possible. In addition to the features above, our firm and our clients need the following:

  • Mobile app functionality (See idea thread at
  • Access to the Buffer or Hootsuite integration with feedly -- or a direct HubSpot integration with feedly. Feedly is our team's preferred RSS/alert/Twitter feed reader, and we can use it to create shared boards and auto-publish newsletters as well. I'm attaching a screenshot from feedly, which also has an excellent mobile app so we can do everything on the go.
  • Feedly integrationsFeedly integrations