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Create a saved list of tasks "templates" that I can automatically associate to multiple contacts

I think it would be really useful to add a "Task Template/List" feature to the Tasks function of HS. 

What I am talking about is:

  1. You create a list say "New Client Tasks" 
    • For users that use the CRM but have other systems like DotLoop or xyz where there are tasks that are done off-site this would be a great way to keep track of tasks and productivity
  2. In that list you create say 10 -20 Tasks 
    • You will be able to create a hierarchy of tasks that need to be done sequentially (either by date or in list view  in the order the tasks should be completed if date isnt the best way to sort them)
    • You will be able to Name the task with the action without continually having to rewrite the task name
  3. Auto-populate the task list to your open tasks  when associated with a contact
    •  if the date was the way the hierarchy was set  up then it will populate with the existing views of "today, tomorrow, this week, this month..."
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I agree! This is something many of our clients have had in other CRM programs and resent that Hubspot doesn't have it.


i have a need for this as well, found another request on the community with nearly a hundred upvotes: