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Create a quote from the APP

Our outside sales guys can't build a quote from the app. So it's either they open HubSpot in a browser (delicate and difficult) or my inside team needs to create the quote and email it - which is inherantly error prone. Also, a customer is signing their quote on their own device. Why have an outside rep if they aren't even asking someone to "sign here." They can still confirm via e-mail.  


I feel like Outside Sales deserve to have the quote functionality in the APP. Maybe it won't work on an iphone (although I don't see why it wouldn't) but at least on an ipad. It makes it harder to go 100% digital when you can't SHOW a quote then have the customer SIGN it. 



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Has this been resolved? I would also like to build quotes on my iPhone app. thanks 


Has a solution been found to this issue yet? This would be an extremely helpful feature that would increase productivity on the road and decrease office time.


No solution yet? I would also like to build quotes on my iPhone app. thanks 


Is this still not possible? This is a neccessity for sales reps. We may have to change CRMs altogether if it isn't possible. I also can't even view any quotes on the app.