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Create a queue for Workflow Enrollment

Something that would be useful for workflows would be a way to enqueue enrollment in Workflows. 


My problem: I enroll/re-enroll deals in a workflow based on several triggers (OR conditions) that sends a Webhook. Then I get the workflow overwhelmed because sometimes a deal didn't even finish the WF, he is re-enrolled and this is considered as an overlap.


That overlaping generates a bug and I lose both of the deals.

I wish there was a way to set a minimum interval between workflow enrollment/re-enrollment that I can setup or at least an automatic queue to avoid bugs like this :

  • Enrollment attempt reason: Enrolled through a re-enrollment trigger
  • Failure: The object was not enrolled because it's already enrolled in the workflow

I would like this to be a priority. So, if you need it, upvote it!

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Sounds like a good addition to what i whish for. I would like to set a priority queue for workflows, that always a workflow to start before another, because sometimes an integration needs time, before every property is set.