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Create a property to calculate the "count of days since XYZ"

I've seen this in a few instances and it was brought again to my attention how beneficial it would be to have a contact property that calculated how many days since XYZ; for example, how many days since create date, how many days since last contacted, how many days since became an MQL, how many days since last marketing email sent. 


This would really help customers keep track of a contact/company/deal timeline in many different ways!

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Agreed! I think HubSpot Users would benefit greatly from the ability to create calculated properties based on dates, rather than just other number properties. 

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YESSSSSS. This would be incredibly helpful. 

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This feature would be extremely helpful in a lot of ways! 

For teams that base their SLA on metrics such as number of days since the deal has been created, a feature like this would reduce so much friction when it comes to building reports. 

Now, users will have to do the math themselves to calculate how many days it has been since the deal was created etc. 


That would be helpful for us too !

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I may have come up with a workaround for this now that HubSpot does offer the ability to calculate the time between dates with calculated properties.


You'll need to first create a new date property on the object you'd like to calculate the time between. That property will house today's date. Then, create a workflow to set that property if it's unknown or more than 1 day old. Make sure the workflow is set to reenroll contacts based on your criteria.


Screen Shot 2020-08-29 at 2.15.05 PM.png


Now that you know today's date (and it's constantly being updated) you can set up a new property to calculate the time between that date and any other date on the object.



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Howdy, @mnagel


Love this idea; thanks for sharing the workflow details. I just built it in my portal to test – with one difference being I've set it as a Contact property and I'm building it as a Contact enrollment trigger – however, I seem to be running into this issue for re-enrollment to update the property each day: 

Screenshot on 2020-09-26 at 15-48-30.png



In your example, you mentioned that the "Today's Date" property would constantly be updated, so I'm wondering how that works?


Here's what I'm getting when I turn the workflow on:

Screenshot on 2020-09-26 at 15-54-27.png


Appreciate your help!

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Hi @jesse_webstacks,

I actually just ran into this roadblock as well and have been working on another workaround. For whatever reason, HubSpot doesn't share the same reenrollment ability across all objects. As you can see from my original screenshot, I was setting this up on the deals object and reenrollment based on date is possible there. However, as you point out, it's not possible on the contact.


To solve, I had to use a couple of workflows and a static list in addition to the already created "Today's Date" property to force reenrollment.


Workflow 1 enrolls anyone with an unknown "Today's date" which doesn't need reenrollment AND anyone that's a member of a static list (which you can base reenrollment on). From there, the workflow sets today's date, removes contacts from the static list (if they are on the list) and enrolls them in workflow 2.

Today's Date Setter.png

Contacts can only get into workflow 2 if they are sent from workflow 1 (make sure reenrollment is enabled in WF2) and waits until 12am (+ a 15 min delay) to add them to the static list referenced in workflow 1. This creates the loop of enrollment and timing needed to set that property on a daily basis.


Today's Date Setter (2).png




As you can see, I'm working in random delays to make sure HubSpot doesn't get too far ahead of itself before contacts had a chance to settle in a list or workflow.


It would be much easier if HubSpot would allow reenrollment for date properties in contact workflows or provided today's date as a property by default - until then, this has been working for me. Interested to hear if there are other solutions to this because this one isn't ideal with all the additional assets and moving parts.


Now that there is the ability to calculate a property as a "Time Between", can we simply add the "current date" as one of the options in the drop-downs, to complement the available date properties?


While that idea is not approved and implmented, I would suggest using GoTellMe Calendar Toolkit



I am using an active list with a workflow to update my "Today's Date" field and it seems to be working okay.  Here is what I did...


1. Create date field called "Today's Date"

2. Create active list called "Update Today's Date"with criteria:  [Today's Date] = unknown OR [Today's Date] > 1 day ago (this pulled in all my contacts from Hubspot)

3. Create workflow with enrollment trigger:  List membership = [Update Today's Date] THEN set date stamp [Today's Date] = date of step

4. Update workflow settings to allow re-enrollment if member of [Update Today's Date] list;  run at specific time every day = 12:00 AM; when contact no longer meets enrollment criteria = remove from workflow


When I turned on the workflow, it pulled in all my contacts from the active list and updated the field with today's date.  My active list refreshed and 0 contacts are part of the list and 0 contacts are now enrolled in the workflow.  Presumably, tomorrow all my contacts will be picked up by the active list because it's been more than 1 day and that will trigger the workflow steps.  This process will repeat each day at midnight.


Now that i have a working Today's Date field, I can use the calculation field type in Hubspot to calculate time between XYZ date field and today's date giving me "Days Since..."