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Create a property or filter to catch spam reports

It'd be super helpful to identify the contacts that have mark any of our emails as spam, so we can remove them from our database. Currently, the only way is to go and check each email one by one to see any spam report, then click on the contact and remove her/him manually! This is not an efficient way to deal with it at all!!

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I agree that we need a spam object creadted so we can use active lists to increase each of our senders reputation.


I agree - it makes this number easier to track in the long run. 


👍 ‌I agree - I am wanting to find contacts who marked "any" marketing email as SPAM in order to set them as non-marketing contact so I don't have to pay for them. I want to do this as part of a workflow so its automated.

Currently I am maintaining an active list that's filter is made up of "Marketing email activity" for each marketing email with the selection "marked as spam." Not ideal or a proper solution, but the only way I can have it included in a workflow as present.


The other advantage is that it could be incorporated into Lead Scoring a leasier if it was availiable as a "property".



You can export a list of contacts that marked an email as spam under the Email Tools section. Go to Marketing - Email and look on the lefthand side for Email Bounce Tools header. Click that text, and then select Export Unsubscribes and Hard Bounces. A pop up window will appear and you can delete the Unsubscribes and Hard Bounces criteria before exporting the records. Then just re-upload them as an opt-out list. 


This obviously doesn't solve for the workflow issue, but it should save some time from you manually looking everyone up. 




@AprilJ: Thanks for this info! This creates a static list. Is it possible to change this to an active list? 


Ah, never mind. I got it! Thanks. 

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Not only for email health would I like to see this, but for the client to monitor how their email sending is out of control. 😁