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Create a new Service Ticket if an email reply comes on a ticket that is in a "Closed" status

We would love the ability to have a setting where, when a Service Ticket has been set to a status of "Closed", if an email reply comes on the conversation associated with the ticket, a new ticket is opened, and it has an association to the closed ticket.


We often encounter customers that will reply to an email thread on a ticket that's set to a status of "Closed" on an unrelated issue.


We have a workflow that assigns a status when we receive a customer email on the ticket.  So it is re-openeing a ticket about "Issue A" with a question about "Issue B".  This is causing unrelated issues being discussed on the ticket, but also not allowing us to gather correct metrics, as multiple/unique support issues are being resolved on a single ticket.  So it reports as one, but should be multiple.


We'd love to be able to set it where once a ticket is a status of "Closed", any new emails on an associated conversation will create a new ticket, and associate the closed ticket to this newly created ticket (for history/visability in the case that the new email is related to the original issue).

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Yes we would like this feature as well or even if there is a manual option for this on the right-hand side