Create a list of HubSpot users



I would like to be able to pull up a list of HubSpot users active as well as deactivated for all kind of purposes.



An onboarding workflow for new users

A newsletter with tips and tricks, new features or conventions, lessons learned

Check if former employees have been deactivated


At the moment we create a custom property just to make all this possible while the users probably already are marked by HubSpot when creating and inviting new users.

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From an administrative standpoint, this functionality would be invaluable.


I would love the ability to create an active list of HubSpot users, as well as an active/smart list of Salesforce users. 


HubSpot already has the ability to read to Salesforce User object, and show whether a contact/company/deal is owned by a deactivated user. So it'd be great to be able to dynamically create lists based on that same information.


Ideal use cases (some mentioned above):

  • Onboarding workflows for new users
    • This could also be dictated on their user type/group and/or permissions
  • Newsletter to HubSpot users, informing them of new features/functionalities, best practices, new/updated brand templates to use for external/internal facing communications
  • Ensure that former employees have been deactivated
    • A workflow that could deactivate HubSpot users based on whether they have an deactivated SFDC account would be great.
  • Being able to pull a list of active Salesforce users for regular Salesforce updates/release not communication

Obviously I'm able to make a list of Salesforce users in Salesforce, then import them into a list in HubSpot, but the goal would be to have a living breathing list instead of a manual one.

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Indeed Ryke: a living breathing list would make this so much more usable. Seems a no brainer to me and easy to implement I'd assume...

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I can't even believe we cannot do this now!!  this is an absolute must.