Create a custom newsletter for each contact based on their subscription preferences

Let's assume that HubSpot allowed us to have subscription subcategories with checkboxes instead of having x number of main subscription types.


SubscriptionCategories.pngSubscription Subcategories


Then our contacts would be able to choose a unique combination of subscription preferences, for example (as shown above on the right), contact A could choose to receive financial tips, lifestyle news, news about specific developments and housetypes. 

If we were then able to send that information to an email template like the basic template with features, and say "add to the template the latest article/page for each of these subscription types", we could automatically create a new custom and unique newsletter for every contact.  


Subscription types.png

This would:

1. Create value for each contact as they'd receive a bespoke newsletter based on their preferences

2. Save us time from having to create 10 different newsletters for each, by automatically adding the latest information to a predetermined template.
3. Help us not spam the contacts that want to receive a variety of news from our clients by sending them ONE email instead of TEN (one email to rule them all)!

Hope this is clear enough. If not, I'd be happy to clarify this further.

PS: This is my first post here! Yay!

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HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Brilliant post with clear description of use case Smiley Happy 

bpcharles Regular Contributor | Platinum Partner
Regular Contributor | Platinum Partner

I have a feeling this is already something you could do with smart lists and dynamic email content, tokens and RSS feed email templates