Create a contact list from a sequence or sequences.

We have multiple sequences running and need to be able to create list of contacts who have been enrolled into a sequence.  This allows us to run different types of field, email and product/services campaigns  based upon the location of the contacts and the date of the sequence.   


Realizing that I can take a list of contact and place them into a sequence. I am surprised that I can not take a sequence or sequences and create a list of contacts.   This woudl be a very helpful tool. 


Thank you



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Any update here? It would also be nice to have a list of contacts who clicked/opened certain emails sent through a Sequence.


Any feedback on this feature request. Our organization is beginning to make use of Sequence. Being able to create a list based on specific sequences where we can see email opens and other analytics is critical.

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Frustrating that this isn't a possibility thru workflows or lists. I agree with the basic use cases. 

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Hi Community!


I've merged this idea with a similar Idea to create a contact list/show sequences enrolled for a contact. All upvotes and comments from both should now be visible in this Idea post.


And an update! We are now planning work to allow sequences properties to be used as triggers and filters in workflows, lists, and reports. More details on the related work and progress can be found in the update for the Idea: Drill-downs for Sequences Open/Click Reporting