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Create a connector for Google DataStudio

You should create a connector for use with Google's DataStudio Application. This would help us create a more robust report for our users and we can leverage the statistics that HubSpot provides. Currently, other services like Databox can connect to HubSpot to pull statistics from a portal to create dashboards. I think opening this up to DataStudio will really help marketers and agencies with providing all the data they need. 

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This would be a vital addition so we don't have to spend time finding or creating a solution to do this ourselves. I'm surprised HubSpot hasn't taken care of this already, but it should be near the top of the features list.


We would love this! The connectors that we can use now are soooo expensive. We need this badly.

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Any update on this would be super useful!

HubSpot Product Team

Hi everyone,

I’m Collette, one of the product managers for HubSpot’s Strategic Integrations teams. After looking into Google Data Studio earlier this year, we decided not to go ahead with it right now.  This is not to say that this idea will never be developed, just that there are no plans to do so at this time. Please check the apps in our marketplace that do integrate with Google Data Studio right now




This would be amazing as it will make it easier to create and integrate with reports outside of hubspot


Definitely agree with that! HubSpot's own reporting is not comprehensive enough. It's difficult to go beyond data summarization and reveal actionable insights.


This would help me out so much. Any idea when a community suggestion gets corporated into Hubspot planning?

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@Kimberley sadly is doesn't look like HubSpot intend to action this one according to this update. 


@FinallyMatt Oh thanks for sharing! That's too bad.. That means the only option is another paid subscription with a third party connector 😔

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@Kimberley Yeah we had the same issue. We've ended up resigning ourselves to the dashboards in HubSpot and linking to them in the DataStudio reports. Not ideal as the custom reporting tool is a little clunky, and the report builder is quite restrictive. But still, better than nothing!


yes please, that we be wonderful!


I will repear my previous comment due to the quantity of people who commented after myself.


Good news: I created a free HubSpot connector for Google Data Studio.


It's a MVP - but it does work. And it works without the need to replicate HubSpot data somewhere else.


It's good to see some comments above mentioning that HubSpot is considering implementing that feature but this feature request was done in 2017 and until now there is only one Google Form.


Guys, it took me just 1 day to validate the idea with ~100 lines of code and another one to create this MVP connecting with HubSpot API via an API key. Some stuff shouldn't be that complicated. I am a developer but a beginner on Google Data Studio and and in Google App Script. 


In any case, I created this connector as an Open Source project on GitHub.  For those of you who are willing to help the project by using it, giving feedback or even helping me coding it, your help is much appretiated!


If you are interested on the project, I ask to keep all the communication about this (unofficial) project on GitHub by using the "Issues" tab.


This connector is not (yet) listed on the Data Studio community connectors marketplace so in order to use this MVP connector please use the following connector ID:




(This connector ID will most likely not work on the future so please refer to the GitHub project for more details on how to install, use and contribute).


If you are interested in contributing to the project please submit an issue in GitHub.


Hi all! As we kept running into the issue of connecting HubSpot data to our Google Data Studio reports ourselves, we have spent some resources developing a connector with a deep integration between HubSpot and Google Data Studio. This connector allows analyzing all your HubSpot data in Google Data Studio (concerning contacts, companies, deals, tickets, marketing,...). 📊


As we would like to make this connector available to all HubSpot users, we are currently looking for some companies who are willing to beta test the app. For those who do, we guarantee lifetime free access to the connector once it becomes publicly available 😊


If interested, feel free to send me a message or fill in this form✉️


We would also appreciate this functionality


It would be a big step for hubspot and help the community to work with custom dashboards. I recommend it!


I see this is "not currently planned" and its really frustrating to see that. Our company, like a lot of others, works primarily with Google Data Studio to create more robust visualizations that encompass ALL of our marketing efforts. Both inside and outside of the MAP.


Concordo totalmente. Seria importante a integração para criação de paineis e outras metricas.


Hi there,
We are working on a free connector Hubspot <> Google Data Studio at This connector would allow you to play with your Hubspot data and sync it with Google Data Studio continuously.
You can register for an early access on our landing page.
Feel free to DM if you have any questions!

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Awesome! I've just applied for early access.