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Create a Report That Captures Form Submissions

Need a report that captures which forms have been filled out the most so I can see the running total on my dashboard. This would give a quick view of the amount of contacts captured and which channels captured the most. Currently, you have to go to each contact and look individually to see where they came from and what they filled out. Getting a top line view of the most used forms would be helpful.

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Basic reporting. I'm surprised this is not possible. 

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Would be really beneficial to create a report based upon top form submissions and conversion rates, etc... 


I upvoted this and actually thought it to be a default report type in Hubspot. Let's get this one implemented asap. 


Here is a snippet description from my ticket which prompted me to vote for this idea:

"The report should show: WHO has converted on our website (in particular on our Contact form) and HOW is the follow-up going? Ideally, I would see "Contacts who converted on <Contact form>" eg last 30 days and following that, "Email activity" or similar with these contacts - all to make sure we are following up and doing so in a transparent way to ease collaboration in our sales team."


I've run into the same issue. It would be a great feature to have!


I would like to re-iterate our need for this report type. We are constantly having to do manual screenings, review, reminders, discuss who will keep track of follow-up internally, all because this report type is not available. 

It would no doubt be of great use to other Hubspot customers / users as well.

Please consider moving this one up the ideas list, thank you.


I need a graph that will simply display the total and specific form submission month-over-month. I don't necessarily care about net new contacts or anything like that. I just want to be able to show the total number of demo and pricing requests month-over-month on a dashboard. Everything available on the dashboards currently is contact driven and won't allow you to measure conversions time period-over-time period. I can pull it from the forms section of HS then track it in excel but I really need it on a dashboard. The data is there. HS just needs to provide the ability to display it. 


Completley agree. For any digital marketing activity reporting and analytics are must have.


At this moment in time, report on form SUBMISSION (demand generation) not within a contact based report is not available and creating this type of report is not yet directly achievable unfortunaltely. But this is what my management is asking for.


1/ The actual Form submission report is based on CONTACTS instead of SUBMISSION. Eg: I organise a monthly customer event. I use the same event registration Form in for each event. So the same contact can submit the event form if attending several events. My actual REPORT shows 64 (contacts) vs 88 (form submissions) registered in Marketing / FORMS.


2/ I set up the report FILTERING only French (FR) related forms. Other forms (such as Italian) that are not included in the filter show in the report. Why?  Because this is a CONTACT based report . This means that when applying the filter of 'create date', 'form submission' and 'conversion date' HubSpot is actually pulling a list of contacts who were created in 'all time', who have filled out one of 'FR' forms and who have filled out a form in the past 3 months.


So, this does not mean that a list of contacts who ONLY filled out the listed forms is pulled. As we are choosing 'form submission' as a property to display in the report it is showing us the list of contacts we pulled using our filters along with all of the other forms this group of contacts have submitted in the last three months.


So the result is completley useless ... The report is showing incorrect numbers and incorrect forms...



Yes, please. This seems like a basic feature. Upvoted 🙂 Thanks for sharing this idea.


Totally agree, would be great to be able to generate a daily/weekly report on all submissions on our landing pages, to be able to send on to our sales team to inform them about who's engaging with our content. Upvoted!


We use forms as "applications" in many instances. Would be great to just pull a report on # of apps submitted! I have a workaround for this using events, but it seems unnecessary. 

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Honestly, having just a basic overview report would be great. How many conversions in a time period, plus the converision rate and views. Each individual form has this data, but you can't create an aggreagate report of all the forms to get that same info?


I need to reinforce the general need for this option. As mentioned by several others in here: The data is there, Hubspot just needs to give us the tool to view and use it (without nasty workarounds).



Can't understand how this is not a standard report. 


As a workaround, I sync form submissions to individual Salesforce campaigns, so I can see the data that way. 


Fundamental report....


Any idea if there's a work around to create this report?

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Submitting on behalf on my customer, this is an important requirement for him. He wants to be able to see the form submissions daily as a report. 


Just to repeat the points made by everyone on this one - this is a much needed feature, all the data is there!


Having a report with conversions by form source would save so much time and make a lot of sense to include as part of standard reporting. Hope it gets included soon!


There is another identical idea in the Ideas Forum - link below.  That one has 96 upvotes.  This one 56.  I have upvoted them both.   I recommend everyone who upvoted this one - go upvote the other as well.  96 + 55 = a bigger number!!


+1 vote. We need this report!


We need this report yesterday.


HS Landing Pages isn't a work-around because using HS Landing Pages hurts SEO performance when our website isn't built / hosted in Hubspot. I'd imagine this is the case for most people.