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Create a Report That Captures Form Submissions

Need a report that captures which forms have been filled out the most so I can see the running total on my dashboard. This would give a quick view of the amount of contacts captured and which channels captured the most. Currently, you have to go to each contact and look individually to see where they came from and what they filled out. Getting a top line view of the most used forms would be helpful.

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I'd like to reiterate the need for this basic reporting feature. I would like to be able to capture form submissions in a report or on a marketing dashboard.

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This is much needed. Please implement. 


Would be a great feature!


This is definitely a feature that is needed. Upvote!


I would also love to see this implemented. The dashboard reporting tool has many different capabilities but it seems to be lacking in it's ability to display some of the most basic things such as this. 

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Hi everyone,


Thank you for the time you all have taken to submit, vote and comment on this Idea. I'm very pleased to announce that this feature has been Delivered and is available to all Marketing Hub Enterprise & Professional customers.


To analyze from performance, select Reports > Analytics Tools > Forms. There you will be able to compare your forms' performance against each other, as well as drill-down into each form individually.


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