Create a Follow up Task within same Queue as the task you're completing

Currently the default for a follow up task is not assigned to any queue at all.

It would save time to default into same queue as the task being completed.



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Yes!! We need this. 


PS - we also need the follow up task option on iPad. 

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This would improve efficiencies quite a bit. I'm running multiple campaigns and have about 6 queues to work with. I'd like to see a drop down menu where I can select a queue for when I create follow up tasks. Please and thank you!

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This would be VERY useful. I use queue's a lot, but find it very frustrating when I complete a task and then have to go to the newly created task and add it to the queue I'm already in so I don't lose track of it.

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Yes! Exactly what I need. Massive fan of efficiencies and this would save me 3+ clicks.