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Create Separate Image Sitemaps

Currently, it appears Hubspot doesn't create or allow the creation of a separate image sitemap. This would be useful for many reasons but primarily to allow the submission of an image sitemap through Google Search Console.

This would be beneficial both in aiding image discovery and in getting a metric on how many images Google has indexed vs the total number of images submitted via the sitemap.

Such a feature could be further enhanced by allowing sitemaps to be broken up by content type in a similar fashion to the Wordpress Yoast SEO plugin e.g. page sitemap, post sitemap, image sitemap, along with a sitemap index file.

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Nouveau contributeur

Yes - this is another weakness of Hubspot - just like the - I wish they wouldn't worry so much about dashboards at the moment and provide the tools to keep Hubspot competitive going forward. They are missing some fundamental SEO tools. 

Nouveau contributeur

Totally agree Hubspot should be on top of this... and about 20 other fundamental SEO tools and services. However, if you have access to screaming frog, deep crawl or a MOZ crawl test you should be able to create an image sitemap using those. 

Contributeur occasionnel

It's an EPIC fail that HubSpot doesn't contemplate such an important feature; allowing the creation of images sitemaps should be a must.