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Create Quotes for other users

As someone who often has to create quotes for other team members, I would find it very helpful to be able to easily switch the "Your Info" contact info in a quote.


Currently, the quote creator is the default contact for the quote. If I need to change it to someone else (I typically need to change it from myself to the deal owner), I have to manually edit each name, email and phone number field. It would save me a lot of time if I could search and select another team member's contact rather than looking up this info and typing it in myself.

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It would be very helpful if there was built-in functionality so that one Sales Hub user could create quotes for another Sales Hub user.


Currently, you can change the name, title, email, and phone number on an ad hoc basis. However, if you like having the profile image on the quote, there is no way to change that to another user (nor would we want to do that over and over).


I actually just logged a very similar request, but I've actually been able to get the profile image on the quote to change when I manually change all of those details, name, title email, phone, etc. Once I save that the profile image of the other user will appear for that contact. But I agree, its a pain to do this every time I create another quote for someone else. 




This would be really really useful.


That way we could have people that focus on sending & creating quotes and  SELL PEOPLE would do what they should do SELL.


And we would keep customers happy with that personnal feel

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Upvoting this on behalf of a customer! This would be useful if users are creating quotes and would like their company representative (e.g. CEO) who's also a user to be shown on the quote instead of themselves.


Yes, this would be a great feature. I hope it can be implemented, and soon.


Yeah, it would be great just to select the person you've created the offer for, rather than manually adopting the information everytime.



Yes, just like you can select the customer contact the quote is for, you shoudl be able to select the HubSpot user who will deliver the quote!



Another critical and simple feature, allowing users within the company to select or switch name of person who created the quote, especially as many organisations like ours has several members helping prepare quotes for our sales teams. Salesforce, Zendesk and other CRM's all offer this feature. 


Any update?  




Ditto.  I can't believe this isn't possible?  It is pretty ridiculous that you can't do this today.  And given that this is still the case 2 years later, I have to ask what the heck are you doing Hubspot team?

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This should be put high on the priority list and seems to me a very basic and necessary feature. 

@hubspot , can you please share if this is already on the roadmap to be live in 2022?


This would also be a feature my company would like.


We would find this very useful. There are regularly situations where one salesperson needs to fill for another, and would find it useful to be able to 'ghost' a colleague in order to help them out, or fill in for them. If some user organizations prefer not to permit this, it should be a configurable on/off setting, or a setting is the user profile that determines if they can generate documents on behalf of others. Some organizations still employ administrators who are responsible for generating 'paperwork' for other members of the team.


This has just become more critical. I used to login as the person from whom I was creating quotes. But now, with required 2FA login, that will not be possible. We really need this feature.