HubSpot Ideas


Create Payout Frequency Options

Our organization has to do paperwork for each payment deposit to our bank account. It would greatly reduce overhead for our finance department if we could set these payouts to deposit weekly or monthly. This feature is available if we set up a separate integration with Stripe, but it is not available within the built-in Stripe payment system in HubSpot.


I agree -- the daily frequency of deposits to the bank account is what is preventing us from switching to Hubspot for our event registrations.


There are a lot of sign-ups and cancellation/refunds that happen leading up to the event that would overrun our accounting team with unnecessary administrative paperwork. Our ideal scenario would be to receive one lump sum after the event has closed; this is what we are currently experiencing with a different event management site we are using. The balance is just tallied within the platform as payments come in and out; the payout is sent to us automatically after the date of the event.


Having the choice for payouts to happen monthly would also be an acceptable alterantive for our group to switch to Hubspot for registration payments. It's much more manageable to do 2 or 3 monthly deposits leading up to the event than spending 3 months of doing it every day. We would really like to see some additional options here because we want to consolidate as much of our business processes into Hubspot as we can.