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Create Next/Previous navigation button in contacts/companies.

I honstly can't believe the #1 CRM doesnt have this option. We need to be able to navigate from one contact's profile to another with on click. Its extremly frustrating to exit contacts profile each time you go to the next. I do 100+ calls a day, the amount of clicking I have to do is insane. Such a small fix but is killing the whole user experience. 

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Hi @moskalenko,


Have you looked into creating tasks from contacts? After doing so, under Sales > Tasks, you can then select multiple tasks, click Start tasks. When you complete a task now (= call a contact), HubSpot will automatically open the next one.


Let me know if that's what you're looking for!


Best regards!


Yeah, this is a must feature that honestly, will make me look elsewhere for a CRM that is more user-friendly. I want to be able to choose a view. Pick on the first lead and open their profile, then click next and go to the next profile without having to go back. I keep looking for this basic feature but I feel like I am missing something because it is such a basic feature of every CRM I have ever used. I am really not understanding how this is not simply built in.


This would literally save me hours over time. 


It's a shame basic, obvious, simple-to-implement things like this require "Feature request" threads like this. Here I am adding my vote/request/PLEA for it.