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Create Linkedin Ad Audiences from CUSTOM 'Company Lists'



I love that we can now create Linkedin audiences from 'Company Lists' in the Ads Add-on...thank you! 


That said, I am currently only able to create Linkedin audiences based on 'Company Lists' that look to be linked to the Hubspot property 'Ideal Customer Profile Tier'.


  • Target Account
  • Tier 1
  • Tier 2
  • Tier 3

...meaning that I only have 4 company lists to work from - not ideal. 


I would like to be able to define my own custom 'company lists'. 


I tried editing the 'Ideal Customer Profile Tier' property and I WAS able to add new custom values to this property:


Unfortunately, the custom values do NOT appear in the Ads audience builder dropdown above.


This is a small fix and would make this feature EXTREMELY POWERFUL to run lifecycle / Account-based ads.


Please help! 😉

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Yes! I agree 100% with bcg  on this!

The lists don't work if you are targeting more than 3 industries that are unrelated to each other

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Hi! You can make custom company lists, but it requires you to be in the Company List beta. Please reach out to your CSM in order to be included in the beta. Once you are in the beta, any custom company lists you create will automatically show in the Ads tool as company lists you can sync with LinkedIn.

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Hi everyone,


I’m Katie, the Senior Product Manager for HubSpot’s Ads tool.


I'm very pleased to announce that this feature has been Delivered to all Marketing Starter and above customers. More information can be found in this knowledge base article


We could not have built this feature without your help. Thank you all for taking the time to submit, vote and comment on this Idea.