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Create Landing Pages without a Template

With drag and drop functionality, we want to be able to create a Landing Page from scratch without needing to select a template, similar to how an email is built.


It would allow for easier customisation and faster turnaround for small requirements.

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I agree, this is very frustrating to not be able to start from scratch and make your own design


Great! I need that too.

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This, a million times this.


Landing pages should function like the drag and drop email builder where you do not need to create a template in order to create a landing page. It is so frustrating to have to build multiple variations of a template because a page may need to add something or remove something and not have spacing/alignment/etc issues because of that. Other platforms like Act-On can do this without issue.


You used to be able to do this. I don't understand why they would take away the option to create your own landing page from scratch without using a template. 


Templates are frustrating to manipulate after moving a few elements around. Better just to start from scratch!