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Thanks for reaching out to HubSpot Support! Just to confirm that we're on the same page, you're looking for a way to get a list of contacts that have bounced from sales email sends?


Because sales emails are sent using your email provider's servers, which looks to be Office365 in your use case, we don't have the information stored in the portal on a contact property of which has bounced. The information in the knowledge base about sorting contacts based on email bounces relates to our marketing email sends as they do leave from servers that HubSpot employs.


The best way to see which contacts have and haven't bounced is to check on their contact record individually. I have already gone ahead and submitted internal feedback that there should be a way to sort based on these bounces since they are visible on the contact record, but if you'd like to get your specific use case and any other feedback or requests in front of the Product Team sooner, I would recommend posting in the Ideas Forum here. Once you post in the forum, if you send back the link I'll be happy to give it a thumbs up as I think it would be a great addition to the functionality of the product.


Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns on this issue or if there's anything else I can do to assist on this one.


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I think this is really important. I would also like to be able to manually 'unsubscribe' people so that I am upholding my Data Protection responsibilities. All this create a file, upload it, be a superuser, know what is going on from day one advice on the subject is confusing. Just a simple tick - unsubscribe, do not email or something similar would be great.


The wizkids could continue with the endless file imports.

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This would be fantastic because our marketing team could use the bounces from sales emails to exclude from marketing emails. Seems odd that HubSpot wants sales and marketing to be closer but doesn't have features that help.

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I really hope HubSpot reconsiders adding this feature in the future!

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It is a scandal that we can't filter bounced contacts. 

Sounds so evident...

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hola, tengo problemas con los rebotes de los correos. Al enviar secuencias masivas, 150 diarias de venta, y los correos me rebotan por la razon que fuere, no tengo como exportar esa lista para poder mejorar la base de datos. En mi caso tengo una persona que se dedica a mejorar mi base de datos y seria de gran ayuda que pueda exportar esto a un excel para que el pueda mejorar la base y bajar la tasa de rebote.