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I think it would be extremely beneficial to be able to quickly add a Deal from the HubSpot Sales Chrome Extension button, or even to have a separate CRM extension altogether where you can quickly add Contacts, Companies, Tasks or Deals on the fly.


I know you can do this somewhat via the Gmail Integration Extension, but the Task adding feature is very limited. Usually I put additional information for the Task within the Description, which isn't possible in the Gmail pane (another idea to submit, perhaps). 


Currently you cannot add a deal at all, and I'd love to just click the button in the Chrome menu and add a deal without having to pull up a separate window/tab to do so. This would make it much easier to maintain current info about my Deals, versus adding them all in hours or even days later when I'm finally back in HubSpot. It would be similar to ToDo apps like ToDoist or Wunderlist, where you can easily add Tasks from their Gmail menu buttons. 


I know theoretically I can use Zapier to link up ToDoist to quickly add a Task in ToDoist and have it automatically create a Deal in Hubspot, but then I cannot associate Contacts or Companies. Having something automatically link up with HubSpot would make it much easier to keep everything consistent and accurate with minimal back and forth between tabs. 

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This will be a great idea for clients who are sales starters and do not have the workflow tool within the portal to automate creating deals. This helps to cut down time in having to navigate to the portal and create deals one at a time.

This feature will be extra helpful for clients with this unique set up - When they create a contact, they also need to create a deal automatically.

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In addition, it would make sense to be able to add and update tickets via the extension.

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 Major WIN for all Gmail Extension users "when" this gets developed.  No doubt Hubspot can do it, it's just a matter of development resource focus to fit this on the schedule.  Please get this done asap!

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2 deals in and this is the first thing I noticed. Would be a killer feature!