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Create Cross-object properties



It would be very useful to be able to create cross-object properties, especillay for the following reasons:

- we will no longer need to create additional properties across various objects

- we will no longer need to create workflows to copy a value across objects. I.e. If property X gets updated at contact level, the value would be the same at Company level without having the need to create a workflow

- most of the time contacts/companies/deals can't be easily re-enrolled. This means as the value is updated in one object it doesn't always get updated across all objects automatically

- this will also be helpful from a reporting perpective as it would allow us to create more single object reports/dashboards 




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This would be extremely useful for us as well. 


Yes please, and this idea needs way more attention! 


This, soooooo much!!!! 🙏


Good idea.  Single data point that is visible on all objects, similar to Company Name, but would be a customizable field. 


Yes please! We are having to create the same properties on multiple OBJECTS and setup WFs to update the property values. 


Yes this would save a LOT of time. ATM I have clients who need a handfull of properties that are exactly the same across multiple object E.g. BRAND. 


We arre currently creating automaions to make sure if one is edited then they all get updated etc. But it is very frustrationg having to create the exact same property across 3-4 objects and then create workflows to match. it would be great too have this option even if it is only needed for 3-5 properties a client!


YES I agree and have asked for this! I would like to be able to see the same properties in my deals view that I see in contact view. I would like to attach the tme zone to each view along with other properties. 

It makes for an easy read instead of wassting time searching in the profile