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Create Conversations Chat API

Currently, there is no Conversations API. This makes it difficult to add functionality that we've built for other HubSpot components. Specifically, I'm looking to pull all messages from HubSpot, track how many we get each day, and classify them by theme so we can create content accordingly. It's not currently possible, however, to pull messages via the API.

HubSpot updates
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Is there any update on this feature?





Any update ?  I want API to fetch convesations of inbox.

Currently conversation live chat widget API is available that control widget behaviour, but I want API to get chats from HubSpot. I'm looking to pull all messages of chat and do analysis to improve services.


Hubspot's chat widget is extremely limited in terms of utility and appearance , it'd be great to have a conversations API so that we can use our own integrated chat solutions to add conversations to existing contacts.