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Create Conversations Chat API

Currently, there is no Conversations API. This makes it difficult to add functionality that we've built for other HubSpot components. Specifically, I'm looking to pull all messages from HubSpot, track how many we get each day, and classify them by theme so we can create content accordingly. It's not currently possible, however, to pull messages via the API.

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I want to inject messages into the hub inbox via API. In the inbox I want to be able to reply on a message via email.


Currently I found a workaround by using a form and the Forms API to put a message (with reply email address) into the inbox. But unfortunately the message body is badly reformated and all whitespaces are kicked out 😞


I spoke with someone at HubSpot about this a few months ago. I really hope they decide to move forward with this and open it up to us.I'm specifically looking to bring messages that people send us via another platform into conversations in hubspot, and have replies from our staff be sent back to them via the original platform. Just need some API access. 🙂


Any updates on this API? 



there is no possibility to bulk delete conversations in HubSpot user-front-end.

Would be good, to get all conversations with id and some additional data (date, subject, sender) and a filter by daterange and then to call the api to change the status (delete/close) of a conversation by id.


So we have a solution to clean up inboxes fast.





I youl like to read incoming messages and reply to them by our custom bot. For this I would use incoming webhook for new e-mail and endpoint for reply.


Hi everyone,


This API would a a great asset for us too.


We would use it in order to classify this conversations, turn them into data to do some analysis and improve our internal processes. Also, some ML algorithm could be applied over this info.


If this feature is being evaluated, I do encourage HubSpot developers team to work on that.




While it's encouraging that y'all have added in Workflow support for Conversations, access via API really is critical.


HubSpot Employee

Hello Everyone! I found a solution that lets me log chat questions. Please note that this solution will only work for questions asked after the solution is implemented

Video: How to log chat questions 


Not a silver bullet by any means but can be helpful for some 🙂




This API is the must-have for our integration as well 🙂 Please, make it happen.


@hubspot  Are you guys doing this? It passed a year and still no response. We would definitely would need this.

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Hi all! I’m Tilly, a PM on our Service Hub team. Thank you all for taking the time to support this idea and share your feedback. This idea is now in planning! The product development process is often filled with unexpected complexities, so I can't give a precise timeline, but we hope to open up access to some beta APIs soon! 


If you'd be interested in participating in a beta, please send me a DM with your account ID and email address.


adding comments to bump this up! we're getting heaps of friction trying to integrate the rest of the org onto hubspot because of this


we need that api Asap 

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Hello everyone - 


These APIs are currently in a private beta. If you are interested, please sign up here and we will give you access to the APIs. 


Thank you,

Vijay Vadlamani

Product Manager 


@vvadlamani submitted, thanks!

To share more about my use case -my team needs this to turn conversations into a more "channel-agnostic" tool -- e.g. this unblocks using Conversations for API-enabled 3rd party platforms.

I'm also curious if there are webhooks for new conversation updates from the Hubspot UI (instead of outbound email being the only source of outbound comms).

Looking forward to beta access. Thanks for the work

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Hello everyone, 


These APIs are now in Public beta. 


Please view the API documentation here -

If you have any open questions, please post your questions in this group and someone on the team will respond. 





Will this API allow Whatsapp integration to the conversations inbox?


Is it possible to sent new messages (on behalve of users) with this Api?  We like to have the option to ent messages trough WhatsApp or our own app. But it looks like we don't have a POST call in the documentation. To create a new message. Especially since that chat widget doesn't have a native iOS client. It should be helpful to do this with the API.