Create Contact Card from Property Group

When a new Property Group is created in Property Settings, the fields associated with that group should show up in a new, seperate 'Card' when viewing the contact.


For instance, when currently viewing a contact, the 'Cards' that show up on the left include Deal, About, Company, Web Activity, and Attachments.  It would be ideal to be able to create new Cards, and would be easy to administer through the grouping feature within Property Settings.

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Absolutely agree. The ability to create them is great, the lack of an ability to view them is somewhat confusing and perplexing. Given it's just a heading, this should really be easy to implement.

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To Hubspot Admins,


I've also requested the customized Card view in the past, directly with support staff. All I am asking is for the customised property groups to pull through as headings as well on the About Us card. For example, a property group is created for "Ice Cream Flavours" under which you will have your appropriate flavors (properties) displayed. On the contact tab, the option is provided to add the property group title, along with the otpion to add custom properties. 


Surely, this is completely doable? Nothing new is being requested, you're just displaying the property group name.

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Would be great if you could also reorder the property groups so you can prioritize them on the contact property settings page (or contact view). So we could achieve:

  • Contact Information
  • Custom Property Group1
  • Custom Property Group 2
  • Custom Property Group 3
  • Web Conversions
  • Custom Property Group 4
  • ...

Organization of the information being collected on contacts/companies is a BIG reason data gets stale, if they can't find EASILY it they won't use it, they don't use it the platform becomes obsolete for them. No good.


I have personally experienced re-creating separate contact views (repeatedly or on different users) depending on the data effort happening just to group contact properties manually. Or clients creating duplicate properties because the structure of the grouping wasn't customizable/logical in the property list (yes they could search). As a HubSpot Super Admin for SEVERAL portals, this gets very tiresome when doing Portal Reboots or even just setting-up and onboarding new HubSpot customers.


Should be such an easy fix for something that would keep usability up since it is such an integral part of both the sales and marketing sides of the platform.


Would be happy to discuss further if needed.

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Has anyone responded to this? Having this option would literally make my life so much easier!!!

I market 3 different products and having the options to create a separate card for each product would be amazing. At the moment, the fields are getting longer and longer and our sales team are not filling it in effectively. If I could separate out each field that is relevant to each product, it would make HubSpot much more efficient.


Please, please, please get this sorted.

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Hi all,


For some reason I couldn't post my answer to this issue on this thread, but I did supply an answer/solution on a similar thread here >>


Hope that helps!


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Yes please?

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Definitely much-needed feature. It will be more helpful.